compositions : interactive ensemble

The Thorn (2017)
for live computer with improvisors
Recorded excerpt from live performance at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 11.18.2018; with Chris Brown, keyboard and electronics and William Winant, percussion.

Obelisk (2016)
for piano, oboe, cello, and interactive computer; or for piano and computer alone.
Excerpt of unreleased recording of 25 minute composition with improvisation, performed by
Chris Brown, pian0 and computer; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe, and Theresa Wong, cello.

Gangsa (2010)
four flat-gongs and computer signal processing
excerpt below, full recording available on Iconicities, New World Records

Imaginary Birds (2008)
piano solo, or piano, cello, and percussion, with interactive computer; based on Olivier Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques

Stupa (2007), for José Maceda
piano, vibraphone, and interactive computer signal processing

excerpt below, full recording available on Iconicities, New World Records

Shuffle (2004)
piano improvisation and interactive computer music system

OverUndeRumba (2004)
string quartet and four-channel tape

Branches (2001), subtitle: Invention #7
trio for MIDI piano and interactive computer, percussion and DJ-turntablist (1st track below); MIDI piano solo and computer version (2nd track)

TimeBomb  (2000)
4 pieces for trombone solo and interactive computer,with and for Abbie Conant, on poems by Mina Loy

Invention #4  (1999)
piano solo:  disklavier recording

original version for four melody instruments and interactive computer network

Waves  (1998)
Philip Gelb, shakuhachi and Chris Brown, composition and interactive computer.
Recording from 1999 between/waves CD, Sparkling Beatnik Records.

Tenebrae (1994)
violin, interactive electronics,and quadraphonic spatialization system

Flies  (1993)
violin, piano, percussion and interactive electronics
excerpt below, full recording available on Rogue Wave CD, Tzadik

lava cd cover

Lava  (1992)
four brass, four percussion, and a computer signal processing and quadraphonic spatialization system (one hour duration)
excerpt below, full composition available on Lava CD, Tzadik

Chain Reaction (1990)
tenor saxophone, Airdrums MIDI controller, piano/MIDI keyboard, and computer
excerpt below performed by Room (Larry Ochs, saxophone, William Winant, percussion, and Chris Brown, piano, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, electronics), from CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 17 Music from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, 1994, Centaur CRC2195 CD

Quartet with Shadows (1989-90)
saxophone quartet and harmonizer
commissioned and performed by the ROVA Saxophone Quartet

Snakecharmer (1987)
for solo performer with interactive computer
Recorded example is the title track from Artifact Recordings CD.