Two song-cycles written in Harry Partch’s 43-tone Just Intonation: Some Centre (2019) based on poetry by Emily Dickinson; and First Light (2016) based on poetry by Jackson Mac Low.Performed by The Chromelodia Project: Chris Brown, piano and interactive electronics; Theresa Wong, cello and voice; and Kyle Bruckmann, oboe.  Released by New World Records.

Retrospectacles is a double-CD retrospective of works for piano and interactive computer composed, programmed and performed by Chris Brown. It showcases recordings made between the 1990’s to 2016 of compositions that explore evolving paradigms of human-machine interaction through live signal processing, generative polyrhythmic textures, and a cohabitation of both formal control and indeterminacy.   Released on fo’c’sle

Six pieces for piano in 13-limit just-intonation, performed by Chris Brown.  Released on New World Records

Gratkowski-Brown-Winant Trio, Leo Records,  double CD, studio recordings of free improvisations (disc 1) and a live performance at the 2009 Donaueschingen Festival of free improvisations.

Three compositions by Chris Brown for percussion and live computer processing, featuring William Winant, percussion, Chris Brown, piano and live electronics, and the William Winant Percussion Group. Released on New World Records.

Music in the Air (2010)

Chris Brown & Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening

Chris Brown,  piano and live computer processing; Pauline Oliveros, accordion, conch, percussion and Expanded Instrument System (EIS); recorded, Berkeley, California, September 2008.

Older Work

2009 Jose Maceda’s Ugnayan, music by José Maceda for 20 radio stations, mixed and produced by Chris Brown with program notes by Ramón Santos and Chris Brown, Tzadik, CD.

2008  Wake, Gratkowski-Brown-Winant, Red Toucan Records, CD. Improvisations with Frank Gratkowski, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax; Chris Brown, piano and live electronics; William Winant, vibraphone and percussion. Recorded at Mills College, March 2007.

2008  Boundary Layer, The Hub, Tzadik, 3 CD box set anthology of new and previously released music by the network music band, including booklet with program notes, and reproduced historical documentation.

2007 Cutter Heads, duo improvisations on piano and electronics with Fred Frith, electric and acoustic guitars, Intakt, CD.

2007 Fugue for Wood, electronic composition included on “Improbable Transgressions“, a CD by Pedro Carneiro, SIRR Records, Lisbon, Portugal.

2007  Drone and Melody, music by José Maceda, Tzadik, CD. Performed by the University of the Philippines Contemporary Music Players, Ramón P. Santos, conductor and the Mills Performing Group, Steed Cowart, conductor. Produced by Chris Brown, recorded in Quezon City, Philippines and Oakland, California, 2007.

2006 Music + One, Chris Brown, computer solo improvisation, from a compilation of improvised solos to be used in further improvisations, Rastascan Records, CD.

2006 Suspension, with CBD Trio (Chris Brown, Biggi Vinkeloe, Donald Robinson), improvisations on piano and electronics.   Rastascan Records, CD.

2006 Grosse Abfahrt, with Serge Baghdassarians, Boris Baltschun, Tom Djll, Matt Ingalls, Tim Perkis, Gino Robair, and John Shiurba. Creative Sources Recordings, CD.

2005  Rogue Wave, works for instruments and electronics, Tzadik Composer Series, CD.

2005 Talking Drum, re-issue on Pogus Records of out-of-print 2001 release on Sonore, CD.

2005 Thousand Oaks – Natto Quartet, Chris Brown, piano; with Philip Gelb, shakuhachi; Shoko Hikage, koto; and Tim Perkis, electronics, 482 Music, CD.

2005 Rova::Orkestrova:Electric Ascension, laptop performance, Atavistic, CD.

2003 Headlands – Natto Quartet, Chris Brown, piano; Philip Gelb, shakuhachi; Shoko Hikage, koto; and Tim Perkis, electronics, on 482 Music, CD.

2002 Branches, recordings of Branches, and Alternating Currents, on Ecstatic Peace, LP.

2002 Transmission Temescal, binaural recording of installation of 20 boomboxes and clock radios on the decks of the Artship, the Artship Recordings, disc 47.

2002 Wadada Leo Smith’s Luminous Axis, Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet with William Winant, percussion, and computer-driven electronics  performances by Chris Brown, Tim Perkis,  John Bischoff, Mark Trayle, Ikue Mori. Tzadik, CD.

2002 Visions,  performances from the EMIT series.  Chris Brown, live electronics with Philip Gelb, shakuhachi,  track 4, CD.

2001 Talking Drum, binaural recordings of live electronic installations, and location recordings of traditional music and environmental soundscapes, Sonore, CD.

2001 Oasis Music from Mills 2001 
knottyspine, Chris Brown computer performance on a compilation of music by composers from Mills College including music by Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne,Fred Frith, John Bischoff, and Alvin Curran, CD.

2001 fuzzybunny,
live electronic improvisations with the trio by the same name which also includes Tim Perkis and Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Sonore, CD.

2000 John Zorn’s Xu Feng, performed by Chris Brown, live electronics; Dave Slusser, live electronics; Fred Frith, electric guitar; John Schott, electric guitar; William Winant, percussion; Dave Lombardo, drums. Tzadik, CD.

1999 New Music: Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell, piano performances by Chris Brown, New Albion Records, CD.

1999 Waves, composition and performance with Philip Gelb, shakuhachi on “between/waves”, Sparkling Beatnik, CD.

1999 Glenn Spearman’s Blues for Falasha, piano performance with the Glenn Spearman Double Trio, Tzadik, CD.

1998 Luc Ferrari’s Cellule 75, piano performance with William Winant, percussion of Luc Ferrari’s composition, Tzadik CD.

1998 Non Stop Flight, electronic performance with The Hub on this live recording by the Deep Listening Band, Music & Arts, CD.

1997 John Coltrane’s Ascension,   large ensemble including Glenn Spearman, saxophone, the Rova Saxophone Quartet, and Chris Brown piano , Black Saint, CD.

1996 Duets, by Chris Brown, with Tom Nunn, William Winant, Ikue Mori, and Tom Djll, Artifact Recordings, CD.

1996 Larry Ochs’ The Secret Magritte, piano performance in ensemble including the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Marilyn Crispell, Barry Guy, Lisle Ellis, and William Winant, Black Saint, CD.

1996 Master Switchcompositions and improvisations by Chris Brown, with Tom Nunn,  David Poyourow, and Michael Schippling, electroacoustic instruments.  Insignificant Records, LP.

1995 Lava by Chris Brown, for brass, percussion and live electronics, Tzadik, CD.

1995 Butch Morris’ Conductions #11, large ensemble including Chris Brown performance on original instruments,  New World Records, CD.

1995 Terry Riley’s In C The 25th Anniversary Performance, large ensemble including Chris Brown keyboard performance, New Albion, CD.

1994 Music from the CCM at Mills College: CDCM Computer Music Series, vol. 17“, Chris Brown’s Chain Reaction, performed by Room:  Chris Brown, piano, Larry Ochs, saxophone, William Winant, Airdrums MIDI controller, and Scot Gresham-Lancaster, electronics.  Centaur Records, CD.

1994 Wreckin’ Ball, The HUB – Computer Network Music, Artifact Recordings, CD.

1994 Smokehouse, Glenn Spearman Double Trio: Glenn Spearman and Larry Ochs, saxophones; Chris Brown, piano; Ben Lindgren, bass; Donald Robinson and William Winant, drums and percussion. Black Saint, CD.

1993 Mystery Project, Glenn Spearman Double Trio: Glenn Spearman and Larry Ochs, saxophones; Chris Brown, piano; Ben Lindgren, bass; Donald Robinson and William Winant, drums and percussion. Black Saint, CD.

1992  Hall of Mirrors, Room: Chris Brown, piano;  Larry Ochs, saxophones; William Winant, vibes and percussion;  Scot Gresham-Lancaster, electronics. Music and Arts. CD.

1991 The Virtuoso in the Computer Age — I: CDCM Computer Music Series, vol. 10“,  Chris Brown, piano performance on David Rosenboom’s A Precipice in Time”, with David Rosenboom, conductor and computer music systems, Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone and William Winant, percussion. Centaur Records, CD.

1989 The Hub: Computer Network Music, Artifact Recordings, CD.

1989  Snakecharmer Live Electroacoustic Music by Chris Brown, Artifact Recordings, CD.

1989 Room,  Room: Chris Brown, piano;  Larry Ochs, saxophones; William Winant, vibes and percussion.  Sound Aspects, CD.

1987 Wayne Horvitz’s This New Generation, includes Chris Brown performance on original instruments, Elektra/Musician CDs, records, and tapes.

1980  Earwig, Chris Brown and Tom Nunn, original electroacoustic instruments, cassette released by Essential Recordings, 16mm film by Eric Marin.