compositions : piano solos

Obelisk (2016)
piano solo with interactive computer

Six Primes  (2014)
suite for piano solo in 13-limit just intonation
CD released on New World Records (includes excerpts of the pieces)

score (downloads to default directory): *Six Primes

Branches (2001)
piano solo and interactive computer

Imaginary Birds (2008)
piano solo, or piano, cello, and percussion, with interactive computer; based on Olivier Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques

Invention #4  (1999)
piano solo:  score, and disklavier recording (below)

Three Over Two (1990)
piano solo, or sopranino saxophone, vibraphone, and electronic percussion

performance by Room (Larry Ochs, sax; William Winant, vibraphone, Chris Brown, electronic percussion) from 1991 CD Hall of Mirrors, on Music & Arts

Quay  (1977)
piano (inside) solo